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    蘇州杰威爾精密機械有限公司 不但致力于塑料板材、片材用壓延輥筒的設計制造,同時也為塑料薄膜領域提供高品質的輥筒。引進國外先進的制輥技術,我們為流延膜設備、拉伸膜設備提供高品質輥筒。如激冷輥、拉伸輥、預熱輥、牽引輥、電暈輥、橡膠輥、TEFLON 輥等。



    Roller for Bi-Oriented Stretch Film Production Line

    蘇州杰威爾精密機械有限公司 不但致力于塑料板材、片材用壓延輥筒的設計制造,同時也為塑料薄膜領域提供高品質的輥筒。引進國外先進的制輥技術,我們為流延膜設備、拉伸膜設備提供高品質輥筒。如激冷輥、拉伸輥、預熱輥、牽引輥、電暈輥、橡膠輥、

    TEFLON 輥等。




    Due to the higher request for the tension / coated angle/ high line speed/ temperature precision control of the stretching film roller , we can provide the following certificates for each roller:




    Suzhou Jwell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd , not only focuses on the design and manufacture of the roller of plastic plate sheet , meets the requirement of the clients, but also supplies the high quality roller for the plastic film business area.

    We import the foreign advanced roller manufacture technology , supply the high quality roller for the machine of casting film and stretch film. Such as chill roller , stretch roller, preheat roller , pull roller, corona roller, rubber roller, TEFLON roller etc.

    The roller rotate in higher speed when produce the plastic filmso that high precision of the roller dynamic balance is important particularly. Our specified large dynamic balance testing equipment and various balance process can ensure these request effectively.

    According to the strict molding request of final film product to the temperature error on the roller surface,  The roller which has the spiral inner flow channel is a high-tech product, it has a very good heat exchange ability and this roller can reach the minimum temperature fluctuation which is allowed in production.






    Our manufacturing capacity of roller:

    ● 輥筒大加工長度 Max. machining length :14000mm

    ● 輥筒大加工直徑 Max. machining diameter: Φ1600 mm



    Manufacturing precision of roller

    ● 同軸度 Concentricity:≤ 0.01mm

    ● 圓柱度 Cylindricity:≤ 0.01mm

    ● 表面粗度 Surface roughnessRa0.005 0.01μm



    Roller surface treatment

    ● 電鍍硬鉻涂層 Electroplate hard chrome coating

    ● 橡膠包覆涂層 Rubber overlay coating

    ● 不銹鋼包覆層 Stainless steel overlay coating

    ● 特氟侖等特種涂層 Special coating like TEFLON etc.



    ● 軸材質● Shafts material

    ● 外套材質● Outer jacket material

    ● 尺寸和幾何報告● Dimension and geometrical report

    ● 光潔度(測量輥面兩邊和中間)● Roughness (measures on the sides and in the center of the table)

    ● 鍍鉻硬度● Chrome coating hardness    

    ● 鍍鉻厚度(測量輥面兩端和中間)● Coating thickness (measures on the sides and in the center of the table)

    ● 高達到 G2.5 級的平衡報告(機器打印)● Final balancing reach to G2.5 (machine Printed)

    ● 重量,慣性,在極值速度,自重情況下的撓度● Weight, inertia , déflection under own weight, critical speed

    ● 防止滲漏的靜態壓力試驗● Static pressure test to prevent the leakage

    ● 輥面溫度差異● Temperature difference on the table surface

    ● 冷卻水流量● Cooling water flow

    ● 進出水壓差異● Inlet/Outlet water pressure difference















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